February 19, 2012

Our new workspace

Olá cats. It may seem I neglected TAD for a few days, but I haven't. Honestly. We've been completing bigger projects (with many singing-for-the-baby breaks) and when I say bigger I'm just talking size, like arranging kittnish things in a workspace.

First off we hacked the dusty old curtains of our landlady hoping she would like the change so much she wouldn't complain. Then, after painting a wall pink I realized it's not my color, so I made it red the next day. I don't know if it was for Valentine's Day or not, but here it is, plain red.
So little by little our workspace is coming to life. I wanted to share with you, even though it's not finished yet. I will add a few paintings, cards maybe, a wall organizer + I'll try to always stash keep cookies nearby. The personal touch will come in time, for sure.
I had a bit of time to sketch how fashion was in the year 1969, but more about that in a future post so be around. Lots of kisses until then and have a great week!


sasha said...

to-re-a-dor in luuuu-u-pta ...lalalala..lalalala :)
foarte fain ! :)

Anca said...

Oh boy, oh boy! This is so exciting - glimpses into your lovely workspace!
I lore the red wall, it truly is you + I love that you have your workspace so close to the window!
Many happy-creative time in there!