February 20, 2012

Dreamy Monday

I'm lying on the bed next to mancub and feel his heartbeat, I see his lips slightly moving and I smile uncontrollably. I wanted to sleep, I even fantasized a bit about it on our way home, but here I am dreaming with open eyes about writing, reinventing myself, about traveling, learning to print by hand and a lot of other awesome stuff.

Sean and I have been around Cascais today as it was sunny, well it was actually sparkling sunny and I even took my coat off wandering around checking shop windows, looking + smiling at people. I guess spring was in the air and the warmth got to everyone's hearts.

We also went to donate the clothes that don't fit him anymore - we met the couple at the station, they were happy + excited just like Marco and I were a few months ago. I hope and wish for the best to their new family, too.

I didn't have Santini ice-cream (or Eistini how Max, Petra's son invented in German) although it's super duper delicious, but carrots, yes plain old carrots mm they were so tasty and healthier.

Sean is turning to me and I feel him warm like a cat (although much, much better smelling) and even though I'm planning to work for the first time tonight in our new happy corner I just can't go away from him. He will have a bath later on and then I will tell him a bedtime story. He'll reply to me as usual: aaaw ooh ng aaaah uaa...


Anca said...

I so love this picture of you two! I can actually feel the love while looking at it!

The Santini places look so so dreamy! :)

Leonor said...

Hi Cristina remember me Leonor?. I can see everything is perfect with you 3. Sean is growing beautifully.
Reading your post I remember I could also pass to you some of my son Diogo clothes (after the bed ;-)) .
Teria imenso gosto nisso! Qual o tamanho que ele veste agora?
Um beijinho

Anonymous said...

Hi, Leonor! What a pleasant surprise, I'm happy to hear from you. We are doing great, hope you are too. Gonna write you an e-mail a.s.a.p Beijinhos