February 24, 2012

Some weekend wisdom

Hey, what's wisdom got to do with these pieces of jewelry?

Well, it has. Just as you I bought over the years jewelry + charms that added up to a pile of used/broken/I needed to have it/why did I like that stuff. I keep them cause I always plan to upcycle them by mixing + creating new pieces.

The punchline is I always plan, which continues with but I rarely do it. I do that with a lot of other stuff in my life.

It's like my will materializes into words, not actions. So I decided to just do it, not only say it.

I feel like saying I will do it many times a day, but I'm biting my lip and focus just on action. Not mentioning I'm freeing my mind of some projects that are kind of stuck there for long + getting rid of that I couldn't make it... again guilty feeling.

Back to the pile of jewelry, I started today to re-make some pieces. I wanted to do that for so long... It feels good to finally do it, even if it's so frivolous.

Who said only difficult stuff is serious + worth doing first?

You know those drawers you wanted to organize for ages? How about those colorful buttons you wanted to sew on your coat? Start making the things that are easy and fun!

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Sky Turtle said...

Can't wait to see what you make :)