February 29, 2012

The year of change

Thing-a-day is coming to an end this year. For the last day I finished ducky T-shirts, prepared parcels for Post and sent them to our wonderful friends. Instead of taking stock of the new things I created this month or having remorse about what they should have looked like, how could I make them better, etc (nothing should have been, things just are what they are) I am just happy I took part and played.

Workspace coming to life
Along with posting about our crafting this month I was inspired to do stuff that was always postponed be it as simple as walking to the nearest store and buying that lipstick or getting rid of some old clothes + other objects that cluttered.

As every end is just a beginning, an open door to something else, things seem to always connect and I believe nothing is by chance, I found another challenge (for another 30 days) yesterday. Cool, huh? Here you can read more about it.

So I'm going to do something for 30 days in order to create a habit. The purpose is to create a positive change in myself and inherently in the world.

I look within me and I can't tell exactly who I am or what determined me to choose this path. Instead, I look at my son and I feel I want to be a better person (for him, for the world, for the future).

For next month I choose to speak from the heart + speak the truth (13. Don't tell a single lie for 30 days), to work on a dream everyday and make it reality (17. Define one long term goal and work on it for an hour every day) and exercise (22. Exercise for 30 minutes every day for 30 days).

Before leaving, here's a short story about what happened today at the post office. When we were going away I wished the lady at the counter a happy spring and she corrected me by showing on the calendar the first day is March, 20 (Spring equinox). I replied that spring is here (and I put my hand on my heart) whenever we want to . She became emotional and smiled a lot, accepting the change.

So I'm wishing you a delightful spring too, with lots of positive changes. And hugs!

Leonor + Rodrigo, guests of honor in our workspace


Sky Turtle said...

Wow, he's growing fast!
30 days challenges work for me too. They are mid/short term but they need you to focus and keep going. Which is a good habit to take on.

Looking forward to reading you more: >

Bo3mia said...

Oh, how I love your take on things in general and you know, life!
Your such an inspiration, so I took on three challenges as well: get rid of 30 things, one per day, work each day toward a long term goal and the hardest for me - exercise 30 minutes a day.

May the force be with us and maybe we can keep motivating each other!

Cristina Papacu said...

two of the most awesome women around here, glad you felt inspired too!
bring on the change! (oh my I'm so excited)

Cristina Papacu said...

I nearly picked 'throw stuff away for 30 days' too, but I'm already doing it for a while without even reading about the change, just felt like :-)

Alice said...

omg! this is great. you really are inspiring! so I took on 3 challenges as well: dedicate an hour a day to something you're passionate about, I will dedicate this hour to photography:), Exercise for 30 minutes every day, I will do the video you posted and some Tabata training maybe some jogging, I really hope I can stick to this one and last but not least read one chapter of a good book every day. That's it. Thank you kittn for the great idea:*:*

Cristina Papacu said...

Hi, Alice, thank YOU for being here. Your quests are lovely & I hope you're going to share your 30 days experience... see you soon!