March 4, 2012

The three challenges of March

The first days of my first 30 days towards change didn't go by extremely different. Very enthusiastic about getting fit I've started to exercise hard from day one so my muscles are terribly sore, I can barely sit down and when I do I seem to brighten every one's day cause they're all laughing at my numb robot moves.

It is worth it though, after warming up I take up Tiffany Rothe's Get your sexy back workout followed by suggestively named Bikini Abs workout... It's fun, well, at least for Marco to watch. I'm joking, actually I felt great all throughout the day and had the energy to cook + take a walk. I'm looking forward to feeling even better + the thought of wearing my old favorite jeans gives me hope.

When it comes to telling the truth the first day was a challenge as I threw some cards on the table, fact that resulted in a fiery argument, but it got OK eventually, it always does. Oh and I almost told a fable yesterday (this time to Catherine who previously invited us to a barbecue). We procrastinated all day so we couldn't organize better and attend, but there I was instead of telling it how it was, I was ready to invent a cold or something, but I told the truth in the end and it felt very good, even though she hasn't texted me back until now :-)

I discovered the most difficult thing to do these days is spend one hour focusing on a goal, even though I used to paint T-shirts for example for hours and hours I'm finding it hard to focus on one single project. I've set my mind on creating an entire fashion collection from sketching to working with patterns to sewing, but I'm just making the mood board right now. Tons of ideas are running through my mind + butterflies flying around my heart, but being constant is a bit of a bug (I'm possibly afraid to take myself seriously).

We'll see... I feel animated and more determined in just three days and I hope my friends Ina + Anca who took on 30 days of changes are feeling awesome, too.

What are your projects for March or following month?


Sky Turtle said...

Oh, yeah! Keep it up. My 30 days challenge is going well, but I realize I have to keep it on my mind otherwise I just... forget about it. :>

Cristina Papacu said...

Are you sabotaging yourself by any chance?

Cristina Papacu said...

forgot to mention I can't wait for your next throwaway

Bo3mia said...

The throwing away part is kind of easy for me right now as I'm feeling minimalistic! But the exercise part is a challenge..but it's true what everyone says, I do feel better and have more energy!

Keep up the good work Sunshine..I think the not telling lies it's a though one (especially with the little ones)!

Cristina Kittn said...

I missed up on workout yesterday... but I hope pushing a baby stroller uphill for about 2 km counts :))