March 13, 2012

The day we just existed

We went outside today after lunch without a plan, without much preparations, just here to the park outside our house. We sat on the grass, it was sunny, really sunny and hot. Marco had a coffee, I had camomile tea and Sean had boobie :-) He fell asleep soon on the blanket next to us. We felt he had a peaceful sleep, that kind they say is to sleep like a baby (I'm continuously wondering how could we make something so wonderful or better yet where did this miraculous person come from).

We didn't talk about the future, we didn't talk about the past, in fact we didn't talk much, we just stayed present and enjoyed the moment like a favorite series they would always film or a never ending macaroons box.

We witnessed nature, small plants, thorns plants, leaves, flowers, trees, us and seeing how we are all connected, organized and with a purpose we felt life is not accidental.

We got back home smiling and confident we hold all that beauty in ourselves, hoping to open more often the door to just being.


Bo3mia said...

I 'm so in love with this kind of moments. They are pure bliss..too bad, they don't come too often these days!

sasha said...

pure happiness :)

Sky Turtle said...

Ce frumos :)