March 16, 2012

How to easily decorate a bedroom

What's better than doing the laundry? actually everything, well... except dishes + ironing Tell you what, painting silly on clothespins and hanging lovely photos over the bed is. It's even better than keeping them in an album (although scrapbooking can be fun) or worse, hidden in a folder.

  • we used wooden clothespins, painted with acrylic, four nails, hammer + thread;
  • tip: use matte photo paper;
  • a super easy, cheap + fun way to change the mood and dodge chores;
  • all in all it was awesome hacking another wall... what's next?


     Have a beautiful creative weekend!


    ina said...

    Foaaaaarte interesant!

    Sydney said...
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    Sydney said...

    Awww, so adorable. You're very creative. I will do the same at my new loft.


    Therese said...

    What a nice, easy touch on those clothes pin! My doctor said one of these natural sleep aids is a good bedroom aura. I'm planning to redecorate my room soon.

    Christine White said...

    Love your bedroom design ideas. Very useful indeed. The most important thing here is to find the best color combination that fits your personality. home extensions perth

    water jetter said...

    These design are just perfect for my daughters room. I will show her this concept and we will make changes in her room.

    moody said...

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    Robert said...

    Your designs are perfect! We will definitely apply your creative concept to her new room. It's going to be fun, that's for sure! bedroom furniture

    Kim said...

    Congrats on doing such a great job! I can't believe you did all this inexpensively. discount furniture los angeles