March 20, 2012

In search of a best friend

Yes, I'm seeking a best friend forever.

I'm already bffs with very special ladies. Maria and I used to draw with closed eyes, love Depeche Mode + dream about our first kisses while attending primary school. Then I met Zoni in high-school, we used to go on holidays together, sometimes dress alike and keep a correspondence although we were classmates. Later on I met Denisa, it was love at first sight... on the third day at Uni. We spent the bestestest days together, from conquering the city to singing in front of the computer or just living la dolce vita.
The only thing is they now live in Bucharest + Abu Dhabi.

Also, ever since I started this blog I constantly meet amazing women. Ina, Anca, Mihaela, Gabriela, Bib, Rodi are my friends, but we have kind of a long-distance relationship as they too live in Barcelona, Munich, Eningen and again Bucharest.

Oh and lovely people even visit me sometimes, like Cristiana who was here a few days ago. We celebrated her birthday, had a walk along the coast, had lunch, tea and great conversation. Yep, and then she went back to London. Hm.

I'm living in Cascais, Portugal with my son + fiance. I enjoy life very much, but I miss a best friend.

Every day when I go out of the house I dream of chatting with you, maybe going to the market on Saturday, maybe doing a beauty night (face masks + other pampering stuff at a girls night in), having fun + laughing and who knows maybe telling stories or advice.

Of course, best friends mean more than doing nails together, at the same time they don't have to share big secrets to be close. Best friends love being with each other so much they are happy to just grab a bite, discuss a book or the latest fashion collection together. For good times, and bad times...

So OK I'm on a quest for a bff. Keep you posted, wish me strength. Or magic!
PS. I also speak Portuguese, we can work something out.


Sky Turtle said...

I cannot imagine any girl in Cascais talking to you for half an hour and not saying "Yes, please. Where do I sign:)"

Keep us posted, we'll keep the fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting a series so stay tuned. Besitos!

Anonymous said...

...and your friendship with Lola?

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

daria said...

oh! I dig you! perhaps you should meet my sister, she's in porto and I think you're the same age :)

Anonymous said...

I hope so, it would be lovely!

sasha said...

smooches & hugs :)

Anonymous said...

muah muah hoochi coochi :))