March 28, 2012

For those who believe in miracles

Finding the time to make this T-shirt is a miracle in itself, but when I said miracle I had in mind this beautiful life we live. This supergirl is painted on cotton and then sewed on a T-shirt. She likes to fly and when she's not flying she feels like flying, the wind plays through her hair and a set of tulle wings will take her higher.
Everything is done with hypoallergenic textile paint, organic cotton and of course, love.

Miracles do exist!


Anonymous said...

adorable! I love that you can see the workspace in the background :)

Cristina Kittn said...

I love this corner-for-taking-photos too, hugs

Bo3mia said...

What I pretty picture - it gathers everything nice and lovely!

The tee is great + perfect for us dreamers!

Zebru said...

my favourite so far! "and supergirls just fly". lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it, dreamers & supergirls! Hugs

Sky Turtle said...

love it :)

B.B.A.'s World said...

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